About Canyon State Classics

Canyon State Classics was started in 2007 with a simple mission. To search the country for some of the finest examples of classic, vintage, and collectible vehicles and bring them to a worldwide market. As our name suggests we hail from the dry desert canyon country of the Southwest Sonoran Desert only hours drive from the majestic Grand Canyon! We feature only the finest and well kept vehicles from 60s era icons such as Cadillac Deville and Lincoln Continentals up through vintage European masterpieces such as the Porsche 911 and Mercedes SL series, and many other of your childhood dream cars in-between. With eBay presence since 2001 and a lifelong passion for the beauty of the automotive form, I can assist you with turning your dream into a reality.

Educated at Arizona State University with a degree in Management and Marketing from the WP Carey School of Business, I bring a practical straight forward approach to the car buying experience. My cars are all are looked at as something I would want to invest in. If I don’t believe in it, I wouldn’t sell it to someone else. That is why I work so hard to bring only clean, original, documented cars to market. I want you the buyer to see the value and future return in your investment, as well as have something you can see, touch, and make you feel the passion for the automotive experience the way I do. I look forward to meeting you and establishing a prosperous future business relationship.

Jon Morley

Owner - Canyon State Classics